The cakes....

Zafrie is 9!

My eldest son celebrated his birthday in his class this year! No party for him! I made 55 pieces of large chocolate moist cupcakes for him to eat them with his friends & teachers. The boys and only some girls get the Ben 10 cuppies while other girls get the sweet pinky cuppies.

Then we also celebrated his birthday with his 2 cousins at my mom's house. He wanted peanut butter cake with the bionicle image on it...but 1st, of course I can't draw it and 2nd, no time to send for printing the edible image! So, he had decided with 1 of the Ben 10 Alien Force's alien..the 'humungasour'!! Hahaha..I had to google for it because I didn't know how it looks like! And when I can see it on his cake! I'm still amarteur and I did my best to follow every single lines...and this is how it turned out! He did complained because he said Ben 10 alien force is not green!!! it's actually blue!! what! The cake was already completed! Anyway, Happy Birthday son, keep up the effort!


DesertExotica | May 2, 2009 at 5:32 PM

woohoo... d scary alien really looks scary lah..muahahah!!! takpe janji sodap!!
btw nice tablecloth,heehee