The cakes....

Cheezy for Daddy

A return order from Wani for her hubby's birthday. Marble cheesecake with oreo base. Wani wanted oreo cheesecake initially, but since the order was kinda last minute and I didn't have enough ingredients to make, I asked if marble cheese with oreo base is ok. She said ok and here it is!

* my Lumix broke down! So I had to use my old Sony camera and the pictures didn't turned out that good!

Cartoon cakes

This is another piece of my hardwork during my class the other day! Now I have to be an artist to draw all these cartoon pictures! Spongebob was sooo easy! haha...wait till I draw other figures! But as usual...our 'guru's' drawing was simple the best! The way he drew looked sooo easy! and he did it very fast too!! (guess which one!!)
Anyway, now that I can draw..any orders for any of the cartoon characters are welcome!

Barbie Doll Cake

My girl always requests for this barbie doll cake. Now finally! I'm able to make this cake! It was not that difficult after all, but the works are a bit tedious...This cake was made from scratch! 4 layers of different sizes of cakes and then trim it all around! Mine turned out ok, baribie's skirt is just the right size...and my roses turned out good too! But, as usual..the 'guru's' cake is of course the best!

Yup, this cake was made during my class on last Sunday..and's for sale now! So, if you're interested, just email me or call me....price depends on the flavor and design! I will use the Wilton Barbie dolls only. They're a bit expensive, but the quality is much better than the cheap ones!

Pretty BARBIE 4 Alya Mysarah

This is the first time I made this Barbie 2D cake. My sis in law asked if I can make the Barbie doll cake for Alya and I said that I could try! Buttt....I'd rather not! Wait till I go to the barbie doll cake making class first!

Anyway, I remembered that I have this 2D Barbie pan that I bought last year and still haven't used it yet. So, I offered that Barbie instead..and she said ok! So,!

So this is how it looks like! It was kind of difficult to ice the cake smoothly at the top and at the sides, so I decided to pipe the top with star tip and the sides with the basketwave tip! I think it looks much better! Tapi, sungguh lenguh tanganku!

Alya just loves those colorful hearts deco sugar, so I put them a lot on the cake! She loves my buttercream icing too!! She has not seen this yet as of now...can't wait for tomorrow for the guests's comments on the cake!

p/s: If anyone is interested, you may order, but the barbie face is not sold together. I will only lend you the face and you need to return it back to me after your fu'nction.