The cakes....

Happy Birthday Fikri!

I actually accidently forgot to blog about this order! can i miss that? I have been using 3 differenet SD cards and sometimes got all the pictures mixed up!

Anyway, these cuppies were ordered by Kak Roza (the loyal returned customer) for her youngest boy Fikri. I was rushing and catching up with the time when I made this and just look at how I spelled the word 'BIRTHDAY'! It was suppose to be a "Y", but I ended up with and "R"!! haha..oh mistake and so so sorry for that! But if I don't tell u this, u wouldn't notice it would you??

Thanks Kak Roza for your order!

Course 2 Finale

After more than a year, I decided to continue with the second course by Wilton. The second course teaches about royal icing and making flowers from it. I've used royal icing before and I've made roses and lilies from royal icing before but there are also flowers like daisies, daffodils, violets etc...etc that just need the right techniques to do! So, that's why I attended the class.

Anyway, here's the final cake that all of us are suppose to make. I made lots of daisies and apple blossoms, but only used a few since I can' fit all on the cake! haha...

This cake was kept for a week so that I can use the same cake to celebrate my parents' anniversary! okla tu....

Happy Birthday Teacher Ina

I've been really busy nowadays and didn't have the time to upload photos and this blog! Anyway, this was a return order from Kak Roza for her best friend who's also my kids's teacher at the kindy. A surprise cuppies for her and she thought that it was from me! hahaha..sorry for the surprise! Anyway...thanks kak Roza for the order and to Kak Ina...long live and please take good care of the kids in the kindy!

Since I have extra oreo cupcakes, I decorated some for the other teachers who just can't resist my cupcakes! hehehe...

Farah is Sweet 17!

Another order from Kak Roza for her eldest daughter's birthday. Can't really see the yellow alphabets on the blue Thanks very much...I owe U a cake!! hehehe...

Barney for Irrin Hanna

This Barney cake and cupcakes were ordered by Ziha for her daughter's 2nd birthday. I made 4 designs for the cupcakes. Thanks very much for your order...

Happy Birthday Sulaiman

Another cake for another return customer of mine. This time he requested for brownies for Sulaiman's birthday! Yes...brownies....and the last time I made 1 was few years back! Anyway, I said ok to him and had to find new recipe since the ones I have were not the good ones...

Here's the brownies....glad that everyone loved it! thanks for your order!

Cake & cuppies for Filzah

Another returned customer of mine ordered sandwich cake and chocolate moist cupcakes for her family function again. Just like before, the told me that everything was finished completely! Te kids must have enjoyed the cuppies so much! hehe..thanks Filzah!

Spongebob for twins - Nafiz & Nazif!

This cake is ordered by my return customer...mama Mia. This spongebob is for her first twin boys. They'll celebrate this at school, so mama Mia will not be able to taste this cake....Vanilla sandwiched with strawberry jem.

After the spongebob was completed...I forgot that I need to write HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the cake!! So, that's why that Happy Birthday word is missing and the names are very tiny and the number 7 is on the sleeve! LOL..sorry Mia...masyuk melukis!