The cakes....

Happy Birthday Dearest Mom!

My mom's birthday is actually tomorrow and she'll be 62 this year! I didn't know what I was thinking about when I wrote her age on the you can's 63! huhuu..Sorry..sorry bonda...without intention!

Anyway, I baked vanilla cake and mixed in the fresh blueberries. Layered the cake with blueberry filling and iced the cake with buttercream icing. Put some blueberry filling on the cake in the middle and decorated the cake with red roses. The roses look great! don't you think? hehehe....But I think the cake looks more like a wedding cake than a birthday cake! looks gorgeous & lovely anyway!
Happy Birthday Mak...Semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki...& dilindungi Allah selalu..Amiin....

samples again

Whenever I have extra cupcakes and the extra time.... I'd like to try new designs. But simple designs using buttercream icing. I still don't have the time to try anything from the gum paste yet!

Anyway, here they are. If you wish to order them, you're most welcome! thanks

fondant icing with fondant flowers

Yummy Blueberry muffins...

These muffins were ordered by a pregnant lady who's craving for the muffins! She has tasted them before during my Hari Raya open house last year. So, that's why she requested for them again! hehehe
Anyway, thanks for your order and hope that you enjoyed eating them! If you crave for anything know where to find me! :)

Mr A's fruitcakes

A return order from my former boss ....This cake is best eaten few days after been made. Sorry that I forgot to tell u that...but it still tastes good! Anyway, many thanks for your order & support...

Mia's pack of 6!

Mia has requested me to put her name in my list for the pack of 6! So, here they are......but I don't think this would be enough for u and your kids! hehehe...hope your kids will like them! thanks for your order!

Happy Anniversary Kak Zil & Hubby

This cake was ordered by Kak Zila's hubby for their I'm not sure how many years of marriage...but it's definitely more than 14 years already! Well...Happy anniversary to both of you and may your marriage lasts forever...Amiin..

I hope that you like the design and the colors and will enjoy the cake! Blueberry cake with blueberry filling....specially made for both of you! (Sorry for the terrible handwriting!)

p/s: I cut the cake into a heart shape by myself! no heart shape pans! Thanks to the Chef that thought me this last month! :)

Cute Barbie & bumblebee cuppies

This order was not actually directed to me. My collegue passed this to me because she's not into cuppies. She's a cookie person now! hehehe..
Anyway, Shidah wanted 70 pcs of cuppies with barbie & bumbleebee edible images for her sister. I had a bit of difficulty when ordering the edible images due to the time factor! It was my firt time actually but luckily I was able to get it in time!

Having these edible images on the cuppies saved a lot of my decorating time somehow! But, I had to spend some time cutting those little pictures though! I made extra 2 as you can see at the very right bottom..just to fill in the gap!

I think they look very cute and sweet...Sayang pulak nak makan gambar-gambar tu...but I hope the kids love them! thanks Shidah for your order!

Happy Birthday Alya!

These cakes were ordered by Linda, for her daughter's birthday. The BIG one is for the nursery and I made a small one for them to eat at home. The cake ended up being very tall! 4 layers of chocolate moist with chocolate ganache filling and frosting!
Hope the kids like them! Nanti boleh order banyak2 cake untuk Aina pulak ek...hehehe
Thanks very much!
the BIG cake:

the small cake:

Baby theme cuppies!

Here are the cuppies ordered from Dilla. Thanks for your return! She actually wanted this for her anniversary and makan-makan with family sempena meraikan kepulangan ayahbonda dari Haji. Alhamdulillah, mereka pulang dengan selamat...
Anyway, she wanted designs for kiddies, esp the booties coz her 1st daughter really loves them! This is what I made..sorry can't have more because it was late at nite when I started decorating!! huhuu...slept at 3 am again coz I had to decorate 2 sets of cuppies all alone by myself!
Anyway, I think these cuppies are cute & sweet! How many booties did ur girl ate?? hehehe...thanks again more last minute order after this pleaseeeee... :)

Sweets for My Sweet!

These cuppies were ordered by Nurul for her 1st anniversary ...not wedding, but 1st date! sweet... Anyway, hope that ur relationship and marriage will last forever and ever!
These were all designed by Nurul. Glad that you like the cuppies...thanks for your order!

Vanilla Choc Chips

I really can't stand the aroma and smell of the cakes that I baked last nite! Felt so tempted to eat them! Baunya sedaaaap..wangi...buatku teringin nak makan! So, I made a cake for myself! I used the same vanilla recipe...dumped in some choc chips...just to try and walaaaah ...jadi jugak vanilla cho chips ni. But, I think I need to add in more choc chips inside the batter in the future.

Sandwich cakes

My sandwich cakes are becoming a hit! Day ordered this for makan2 with her family. Hope that all of you will enjoy the cake! thanks Day!

These were ordered by Moshi2. I'm not sure if she can finish all 3 at the same time! hehehe...
Anyway, these cakes are the easiest to make! Fast & easy too! Enjoy the cakes! Thanks again...

Congrats Fid!

Fid ordered 2 sets of hantaran cupcakes, and 1 set of medium size cupcakes for makan2 before her kenduri. Obviously, she got to choose both designs for the hantaran! hehehe...pandai...

The gold theme is from the groom and the blue theme is from the bride. Fid gave me the designs and I just followed them.

But, the lilies are a bit unique...something different from roses! Her hantaran flowers are lilies, so she asked me if i can make lilies for the upcakes too. I said why not!

The lilies are made from royal white, and brushed with the blue color pearl dust. I like the lilies more! I think they look more elegant! But it took more patience and hard work! The roses are in yellow actually, but I colored them gold using the pearl dust too!
Fid, glad to know that u liked them and they have safely arrived at your hometown! Please email me the final pictures of the cupcakes in their pretty boxes ya!

All the best..Selamat Pengantin Baru and many thanks for your orders!

Happy Besday Yaysshe!

I think my Barney cake is starting to get famous! :) This was an order by Usha. Her friend recommended my cakes and that's the Barney cake that she ordered. Usha wanted a different cake initially but I really can't make it within a very short period. Really sorry for that.
This is actually a 2tiered chocolate moist Barney cake! The bottom tier is a big oval size cake and it's the biggest cake I've ever iced! I also piped the surface with the star tip. This cake looks like Barney in a frame from the top! The yellow color for the background was a right choice I think! I tried to make is as colorful as possible and I think I did.
This cake was heavier than I thought! I think this Barney cake is so gorgeous! Really can't take my eyes off the Barney! Anyway, thanks for your order! Do come back anytime....

sms from Usha : "The cake was very nice! Everyone complimented! tq so much"

Well, thank u for your order! Really glad that everyone liked it!

Fruitcake for Mama Mia!

This cake was ordered by Mia and I finally made it after being postponed few times. Enjoy the cake! Thanks!

The price of this cake is now RM40. Yup, the prices of the raw materials for this cake has gone up after Hari Raya, despite the reduction in fuel price! Sigh!

But it's still worth buying!