The cakes....

Cute Barbie & bumblebee cuppies

This order was not actually directed to me. My collegue passed this to me because she's not into cuppies. She's a cookie person now! hehehe..
Anyway, Shidah wanted 70 pcs of cuppies with barbie & bumbleebee edible images for her sister. I had a bit of difficulty when ordering the edible images due to the time factor! It was my firt time actually but luckily I was able to get it in time!

Having these edible images on the cuppies saved a lot of my decorating time somehow! But, I had to spend some time cutting those little pictures though! I made extra 2 as you can see at the very right bottom..just to fill in the gap!

I think they look very cute and sweet...Sayang pulak nak makan gambar-gambar tu...but I hope the kids love them! thanks Shidah for your order!