The cakes....

KUBTEL's birthday celebration!

Many thanks to Aida & Kiena for ordering these cuppies for your office birthday celebration! Hope that everyone enjoyed eating them! Just love the vibrant colors!

Naughty cuppies for Rohana

My friend, Aishah ordered this for the friend's birthday! She didn't specify any designs or theme since it was a last minute order. But, since the cuppies are for someone still single at 'that' age, I thought I would try something different on the cuppies! haha..and Aishah agreed and in fact requested for XXX designs! Err....not yet to that! Anyway, glad that your friends who celebrated Rohana's birthday loved those bikinis!! Thanks for your order! I enjoyed making them!

Fifi's little brownies

After tasted the 'sample' brownies, Fifi ordered this for himself. But, by noon, 3/4 of the brownies were gone! hehe...that's shows something and next time, don't offer it to the hungry lions! thanks Fifi!

Luscious Brownies!

This is my best brownies ever! Made this for no ocassion...craving for something sweet probably and just wanted to try this new recipe. It turned out to be the best brownies I've ever made! and I just love the taste!

Happy Birthday Pakcik!

Sounds old? hehehe....that's his nick name and I didn't know where he got it from. Anyway, this pakcik's wife is my officemate who ordered carrot walnut cake with the creamy cream cheese topping for Pakcik's birthday, whom was my junior at college dulu2....the world is small!
Sorry to hear that your son just ate the topping! Kids don't favor these types of cakes....they only love chocolate, chocolate & chocolate!

Happy Birthday Myra!

Ordered by Wani for her sister's birthday. She requested for chocolate moist cupcakes & to have both girl's and boy's pics on the cuppies. I was running out of ideas, so the balls & cars would suit a boy's taste, I hope! Thanks Wani!

Happy Birthday Aida Zahirah!

She was my son's ex classmate since kindy until std 2. Her mom is my officemate & we live nearby...her birthday is only 3 days apart from my son's birthday. Hemmm....any relations?? hehehe.. Anyway, Linda ordered 64 pcs of cuppies for Zahirah to celebrate her birthday in class. Luckily it was a school day that Saturday. So, Happy birthday hard alwayz...

Zafrie is 9!

My eldest son celebrated his birthday in his class this year! No party for him! I made 55 pieces of large chocolate moist cupcakes for him to eat them with his friends & teachers. The boys and only some girls get the Ben 10 cuppies while other girls get the sweet pinky cuppies.

Then we also celebrated his birthday with his 2 cousins at my mom's house. He wanted peanut butter cake with the bionicle image on it...but 1st, of course I can't draw it and 2nd, no time to send for printing the edible image! So, he had decided with 1 of the Ben 10 Alien Force's alien..the 'humungasour'!! Hahaha..I had to google for it because I didn't know how it looks like! And when I can see it on his cake! I'm still amarteur and I did my best to follow every single lines...and this is how it turned out! He did complained because he said Ben 10 alien force is not green!!! it's actually blue!! what! The cake was already completed! Anyway, Happy Birthday son, keep up the effort!

Spongebob & Patrick..

for Waqeef's 4th birthday! Mia (his mom) requested for 2 small cakes and 1 with spongebob picture on it. huh?? ok..and I did make one, except that it looked a bit funny!! hahaha..I was trying to figure out what..but I couldn't! When I showed the cakes to my sons this morning, my eldest said that the spongebob's eyes were small!!! and I was like...yaaaa...and I laughed out loud!! no wonder it looks funny! hahaha...drawing a yellow box on a small cake was not that easy though!

I was kind enough to draw the Patrick on the other cake. The patrick loooks ok for a first timer, though the color is a bit darker... but girl's first impression was "wahhhhh, cantiknyerrr" then she went on and said "dia takda kaki ohhh"!! Haha..obviously & thank you for that! Anyway..I hope your kids will like them! Now they have spongebob & patrick on the cakes! :)

Pack of 6...

was ordered by Mia again...enjoy the cuppies! thanks

Smiley barney for little Hana Nadia..

Another Barney's fan! This cake was ordered by Shireen for her daughter's 1st birthday party! The order was kinda of last minute, but since I was free, I took the order and here's the cake! 2 recipes of chocolate moist cake! Thanks for your order! Hope you & your guests will enjoy the cake!

All Chocolate!

This moist chocolate cake was ordered by Linda for her hubby's birthday. She wanted all chocolate and I decorated with the sugar stars so that it doesn't look too dark & gloomy! I'm sure the kids would want to cut them before their dad can even see the cake! hehe..thanks Linda...

Our kids' birthday will be next week! Another birthday cake for them huh?

Teacher's farewell

These cuppies were ordered by my friend's daughter actually! They for celebrating her teacher's last day in school. Thank you syamirah for your order...Hope your friends like the cupcakes too!

Oreo for Yusry!

This cake was ordered by Kak Julia for her brother in law's birthday. This cake was decorated with lots of grated chocolate on the sides and sprinkled with cocoa powder on top and some choc chips on the borders! Looks yummy doens't it??

Thanks Kak Julia for your order!

Aida's wedding...Congrats!

I can finally breathe after I've completed this 3 tiered cake!! and I just can't take my eyes off the cakes! (heh..perasan lagi!!) When Aida first showed me the photo of the cake she wanted, I just said yesss! I took up the challenge to make this 3 tiered fondant cake with lots of roses and her 'hantaran' cake with tiger lilies! I think they're about 35 roses..different sizes on the cake! and they were all hand made and I can say that I can now receive orders for gumpaste roses! :)

These cakes were transported to Kota Tinggi Johor...and they safely arrived there. These photos were taken after I assembled them at home...they were put in different boxes for transportation of course!

So, thanks very much to Aida for your orders! I'm really glad u like them! Hope to receive more orders from u again next time...Congrats to u & hubby too...may your marriage lasts forever...

Goodbye Puan Nab...

I received a call from my officemate late evening the day before asking for a farewell cake for our VP! They just knew that her last day is on 25th and that's why the last minute cake was requested! I had to agree though I was in the midst of completing my biggest project!

So, here's the cake...they wanted the cake to look 'ceria' (happy) although it was for a farewell celebration...

Happy 26th Anniversary!

This cake was made with passion & love... :)

Wishing Pn Lina and hubby happiness always...May your marriage lasts forever...

Thanks for your order...

Selamat bertunang Hazel...Congrats!

Hazel is finally engaged! yeah! and the big day is really soon! yahooo..another wedding cake for me! hehehe...
Anyway, this time she ordered mini cakes..after her last minute decision! I know it's kinda hard to decide which cakes/designs to choose from especially if it's for the most memorable moment of your life! These mini cakes are the first ones for me! It's actually a combination of 3 designs! And the roses are handmades!
I'm so glad that you really like it..I just love the mini cakes! They just look so sweet and very elegant (perasan eh?) :) Thanks hazel..for your order..and your support...

Happy Birthday Aishah!

A return order from Mr A for his girl's birthday! This time he ordered cupcakes for a change...
Aishah specifically request for purple color & ribbons.. so, I made some ribbons and some designs suitable for a sweet girl like her....
Thanks again for your order...

Selamat bertunang Aziah & Azham

This cake was ordered by Kak Lat for her niece's engagement. She gave me a picture of the cake she wanted and I just followed it. The cake inside is a steamed fruit cake. I think this cake was a big challenge for me. I can say it's my first gumpaste roses & calla lilies. All the flowers were SELF & HAND MADE! Thanks to edna that I could make beautiful flowers like these! Thanks to Kak Lat for your order...nanti order untuk wedding pulak ye!
I just love this one!

Scrumptious carrot walnut cake!

This cake was ordered by Kak Imah after I gave her some cupcake samples and I told her that I can bake many many cakes! hehehe...So, here's her first try to my carrot walnut cake. Lepas ni boleh order with the cream cheese topping ya! Thanks Kak Imah!

Btw, this Kak Imah has a Bridal boutique..located at Subang 2/Bestari. So, if any of you who are looking for a mak andam..please email or call me for details...thanks!

Fifi's lil' marble cheese cake!

Dear fifi,

So so sorry that it took me quite a while to make this one for you! Since yours was for no occassion....I had to set priorities to those who are in need...Finally, your cake is ready and I'm so glad that you really like it! That'll be another 2kg increase in your weight?? hehehe.. Anyway, thanks for the order!

Cuppies for Aiza

These cuppies were ordered by Aiza for the first time. Our sons were in the same class last year and that's how we got to know each other. This year they are in separate classes, so, we seldom call asking for homeworks anymore! But Aiza called me the other day asking for my cuppies.
Anyway, since this is her first oder, she told me that the icing is a bit sweet! Well, it actually is but no doubt that some kids just like them! My son can just eat & lick the icing without cakes! :)
I think i'll have to adjust the sweetness for some people. Anyway, hope that the kids enjoyed them! thanks for your order and do come back!

Happy Birthday Najwa

An order from Kak Zan for her girl's birthday. She ordered cuppies for the school and a cake to be cut at home. Half of the cuppies are choc moist and the other half is choc oreo. The cake is definitely choc moist! Thanks for your order!