The cakes....

Happy Teacher's Day, teachers!

Ordered by mama Mia again for her kids' teachers in school! How sweet...even I don't have the time to make these for my kids' teachers!! But, I hope I'll be belated then! The small cuppies are for her kids and the bigs ones (the sweet ones) are for the teachers. Thanks Mia, I'm sure the teachers must have loved u soo much for giving them free cuppies! hehehe..

Liverpool's fan!

These cuppies were ordered by Ain for her special friend Iwan, who's die hard fan of Torres? I'm not sure of that. Anyway, Ain requested for simple soccer themed cuppies. No hearts, no fancy flowers and no Liverpool crest too!!! hehe..Anyway, thanks Ain! Hope Iwan will like them...


I'll be away & my little kitchen will be closed from 23 May till 7 June 2009. My oven will be resting its mind, body & soul during those period! So people...I will not be able to take any orders and business will resume as usual from 8 June 2009. Thanking all of you for your endless support!

Cuppies for Dearest Mom...

for the celebration of Mother's Day. Thanking you for all you've done, your sacrifices & your love...Wishing you happiness & will be in good health always and may Allah grant all your wishes & prayers every single second...Amiin

Get Well Soon Baba!

My dad has been hospitalised since 3rd June 2009 for some complications! But, alhamdulillah, he's getting better and hopefully will be discharged today. He loves cakes and I know that he eats all the cakes that I made for him! Since I made extra cuppies last weekend, I decided to give some to show my love & concern towards him. But, it was written GET WELL SOON ATUK! (as if they were from the kids... hehe)

Happy Mother's Day!

It was Mother's day last Sunday and I thought that there would be no orders but I was wrong! This was actually a last minute order from Ina for her family gathering on last Sunday! She ordered 36 pcs of cuppies in 2 boxes and requested that the 'Happy Mother's Day' to be written on both boxes. My 1 box can actually fit in 16 pcs and so, there were extra 4 cuppies! Since Ina is my returned customer and since it was Mother's Day, I gave her extra 2 pcs of cuppies! And..glad to hear that your kids loved them and had to lick the icing on the plastic!! hahaha...thanks again Ina!

Pack of 6 for Teacher Ain!

Made these for my daughter's kindy teacher since she's been nagging me for some cuppies! Hehe..sorry that they're only 6! That's all I have in my stock! Anyway, hope you like them.

Cupcakes for Moms!

These were ordered by Ziha & her twin sister for their beloved mother & Mom In Law! Anyway, hope it's not too late to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day! Mothers should be remembered every single day, not only on that 1 particular day...right? Thanks Ziha..hope you gals enjoyed the cuppies!

Sweet 12 Ira!

Birthday cuppies ordered by Tini for her beloved youngest sister who's birthday is only 1 day earlier than her! Ira loves Hannah Montana, but I can't draw Hannah's face obviously, so, I decided to draw guitar's, butterflies, hearts & stars and put lots of sugar stars on the cuppies. Hope that Ira & friends like them! thanks Tini!

Mother's Day Surprise!

These cuppies were ordered by Pija, my daughter's kindy teacher for her beloved Mak (mother). She planned to celebrate Mother's Day early since that's the only time she'll go back to her hometown. She told me that the cuppies were not enough since all her siblings went back at the same time! Poor her...nanti boleh order lagi ye....thanks..