The cakes....

Happy Besday Mak Ina!

ok...first..the cake is lovely..isn't it?? Chocolate moist with chocolate ganache & some fondant flowers. Second, I think Ina ordered this cake for herself and that's why it's written "Happy Birthday to Me!"'s year..u can ask your hubby to order the cake for you! Semoga panjang umur..& murah rezeki...

Mia & Kak bad's cheese cakes

After a week I distributed my oreos cheesecakes for tasting, 2 people had ordered them from me! Thanks to Kak Bad (tupperware - Sinar Farhana) & Mia for your orders! This time, I sprinkled the crashed oreos onto the cakes...nampak sket oreos nya! :)

Kak Imah's cuppies

A birthday cupcakes for Kak Imah's hubby but with kids' theme! The kids would enjoy the cuppies more than the dad i suppose... Penat gak nak memikirkan gambar apa nak lukis...for girls & a boy.. Anyway, thanks Kak Imah...hope that your hubby likes them!

Oreo Cheesecake

This one's my new recipe for oreo cheecake! It tastes so good and yummy! This will be my oreo cheesecake from now on. Sesiapa nak order..silakan...thanks!

Congrats hafizan & Shadilah

This cake was ordered by Dr Aspa for her brother's engagement. It was a short notice, but I managed to create this gorgeous looking cake! The flowers were bought from Cake Connection. Thanks to Nancy for her advise! Thanks Dr Aspa for your order! Do come back...

Happy Besday Yasmin!

This cake was made for a fanatic fan of Barney! A colorful 2-D cake! My 2nd try actually, and the colour of the Barney really matched, as compare to the previous one I made for my niece! Now you can see the true clor of Barney..purple & green. Thanks Ziha...hope the little girl Yasmin really likes the cake!

Shifa is 26!

What a big number to put on a cake! hehe...this cake was ordered by Cik Ain...untuk kawannye yg sejati.... Carrot cake with cream cheese topping and tengah!! yumm2... roses are made from royal icing...sweet tak? Enjoy the cake babettes...