The cakes....

Good Luck Arif!

Yesterday I went to my son's friend's kenduri doa selamat for berkhatan. One of his closest friend I would say. I decorated some cupcakes for him so that he can eat before 'disunatkan' hehehe...he loves, made some football themed cuppies for him. Ni last minute punye...but turned out good gak!


These are not for sale! hehehe..but if u like any of these designs...u can order from now on! tenkiu...

Liniey's Engagement..Congrats!

Apart from Hana, I received Liniey's order for engagement like a month ago! At first I was reluctant to accept as I was afraid that I could not fulfil her request since I have the massive order from Hana. But then again, I accepted not because I had to, but it's more of a favor from a friend I would say... Anyway, thanks to dik Lenny for recommending my cupcakes!

Alhamdulillah...suma siap! I hope Liniey likes them...and will order again for the BIG DAY later! hehehe..confius nama korang ni akan2 sama..dahla dok sebelah2 rumah jek...
Orange swirls..I love the color!

Packed and ready to be delivered!

Congrats Hana!

Finally, the big day that I had been waiting for had come and now it's over! I finally completed the 500 pcs of cuppies for the door gift and 75 pcs of big cuppies for the nikah ceremony. Sounds massive isn't it?? Well...alhamdulillah and many many thanks to my HUBBY & MOM for helping me out! Can't do it without u guys... Bersengkang mata ..tak cukup tidur...makan pun tak sempat! hehehehe

In the making of the cakes, I received a sorrow news that my aunty has passed She had some complications in her lungs and heart and was admitted to the ccu a week ago. I managed to visit her in the ccu but since I was busy preparing the cuppies, I didn't pay my last respect. Feeling guilty though, but a 'doa' from far worth more.

Anyway Hana, glad u love the cuppies! Thanks a million!! Unfortunately...I didn't get one on your wedding day! Dah habis ke tak nak kasi?? hehehe... Nanti boleh order lagi for your anniversaries & kids pulak.. :)

For the Nikah... pink & purple color..

for the door gift... pink & purple too

packed & ready to go!

All the best to you..moga2 jodoh kekal hingga akhir hayat..amiiiin..
It was actually my 10th anniversary on Hana's Nikah ceremony! So, we can celebrate our anniversary again & again every year huh?? hehe

Happy Birthday to My Mom In Law!

It's almost end of the year...and more birthdays are coming up in the family! My M.I.L. turns 58 today! We had a simple celebration amongst family members...Every sibling with spouses & kids were present! I managed to bake 2 cakes for everyone! 1 is my well liked carrot cake. :) It was just a simple deco for the carrot cake...topped with cream cheese and sprinkled a bit of the orange sprinkles around the cake. The other 1 is my brother in law's favourite sandwich cake! He loves it soo much and I just don't know why...

It was a great celebration anyway, especially for the kids!

everyone's favorite sandwich cake!

Outstation again...

It's 1am and I'm still awake! baju tak pack lagi! argghh...don't feel like going again! Anyway..I'll be away...for 3 longg days! so, sorry, can't take any orders during these 3 longg days! will be back by thursday nite..and then i can start baking again....
Fedd...your cake is on! thanks! hehe :)

Happy Birthday Eqmal!

"Hello Eqmal...
Mama eqmal order baaaanyak kek utk eqmal punye besday! Nanti Eqmal sambut ramai2 dengan kawan2 kat taska ek! Shedap tau kek Eqmal! Ada smarties kaler2 kat tepi kek...bestttt! Pastu, Eqmal kasi kawan2 sorang satu kek ye! Ada baaaanyak corak2 yg best2! Ada keta, ada belon, ada love2 ngan ada bola! Eppy besday Eqmal..."
Ellis, hope you will enjoy the cakes & hope the kids will like them too! Tenkiu very much babe! Cuppies kau hijau striking sket...hehehe

Individually packed for the kids...

Happy Birthday Nabilah!

Here are the cuppies requested by my regular customer Kak Imah for the daughter's 10th birthday. She wanted the HSM themed initially, but I just can't make it within a short period of time. So, made some sweet gurlish designs for her sweet little girl. Hope she'll like them! Thanks Kak Imah!