The cakes....

Congrats Hana!

Finally, the big day that I had been waiting for had come and now it's over! I finally completed the 500 pcs of cuppies for the door gift and 75 pcs of big cuppies for the nikah ceremony. Sounds massive isn't it?? Well...alhamdulillah and many many thanks to my HUBBY & MOM for helping me out! Can't do it without u guys... Bersengkang mata ..tak cukup tidur...makan pun tak sempat! hehehehe

In the making of the cakes, I received a sorrow news that my aunty has passed She had some complications in her lungs and heart and was admitted to the ccu a week ago. I managed to visit her in the ccu but since I was busy preparing the cuppies, I didn't pay my last respect. Feeling guilty though, but a 'doa' from far worth more.

Anyway Hana, glad u love the cuppies! Thanks a million!! Unfortunately...I didn't get one on your wedding day! Dah habis ke tak nak kasi?? hehehe... Nanti boleh order lagi for your anniversaries & kids pulak.. :)

For the Nikah... pink & purple color..

for the door gift... pink & purple too

packed & ready to go!

All the best to you..moga2 jodoh kekal hingga akhir hayat..amiiiin..
It was actually my 10th anniversary on Hana's Nikah ceremony! So, we can celebrate our anniversary again & again every year huh?? hehe


Nazelyna | November 24, 2008 at 1:14 PM

bravo!!!u did it!!walaupun ko dera mak! and sori laa aku tak leh nak join.
anyway, d cuppies looks so yummy with nice combination of colors.

Luscious Cakes | November 24, 2008 at 3:55 PM

yes yes!! akhirnya berjaya! hehehehe..tak dera namanya..tolong menolong je! ahaks...rugi kau takda..makan besar malam tu!