The cakes....

Barbie for Pijah...

Another barbie cake for my niece, Pijah. This time it's for her birthday celebration with the family members. My barbie looked better this time...heheh. The kids were sooo excited playing games and singing the birthday song...and ended up not eating the cake!! Next time I'll make sure that the cake cutting ceremony is the first in the list

Cuppies for the guests

Happy Birdie Day & Ainin

To Day..u're getting older every year....hehehe.. Happy Birthday to u! and I'm so sorry to hear what had happened to your cupcakes!! Probably I'll have to use a 'tali rafia' to tie up the box next time...hehehe... Anyway, glad that your kids & sisters like the cuppies!

Happy Birthday Aeni!

This lucky girl Aeni received my pack of 6 cuppies on her birthday! Happy Birthday to you!! Best wishes always!

Happy Birthday Sweet Pijah!

This barbie cake is specially made for my little niece's 5th birthday celebration in her kindy. She wanted this barbie doll cake so much and luckily this aunt of hers can make 1 like that! The barbie looks a bit shorter than it should, but Pijah really liked it.

Birthday gift for Lee Sheang

These cuppies were ordered by my sis in law, Leny for her friend's birthday. It was suppose to be a 'party' theme and I hope that it does look like one!

Father's Day is here!

To all fathers out there, hope it's still not to late to wish u Happy Father's Day! These are the cupcakes ordered by Ina and Ziha for their hubbies & fathers. I didn't even have time to make 1 for my dad or hubby! Sigh...
these are Ina's...
these are Ziha's... (2 sets)

Happy Father's Day!

These cuppies were ordered by Leny for her father in law & hubby. No specific request for the theme but she told me that her father in law goes to the mosque for prayers and so there are the mosque domes and the 'songkok' and hemm...I suggested to draw pillow and bed for the hubby! haha....reason being her hubby sleeps a lot! hehehe...tapi, ok gak kan...people would interpret otherwise....thanks Lenny, hope they like them!

Amirul is 14!

Ordered by Ziha for her brother's birthday! She told me that her brother is not a soccer fan, but he's into computers. So, that's my version of the computer on the cupcakes! Thanks for your order! Glad to hear that Amirul ate lots of them!

Selamat Pengantin Baru Ery!

This beautiful cake was ordered by my Mom (Yup!) to be given as a gift to her neighbor's son's wedding. This cake was made as a 'hantaran' from the groom to the bride. The theme was red! I had to rush everything in a day after I came back from my holiday! A bit tired, but luckily everything went well. Hope they like it!

Ben 10 for Zaid

Here are another Ben 10 cupcakes for a Ben 10 fan. These were ordered by Ina for her son's birthday celebration in kindy. The ones without Ben 10 images are for those who don't adore that character...hope Zaid liked them! thanks Ina!

Gift for Teacher's Day...

This cake was actually ordered by my daughter's teachers for the celebration of Teacher's day in the kindy. I wanted to make 1 for them anyway but just didn't have the time and 'energy'! So, since they've ordered it, I just thought it would be better not to charge them and give them this cake as a gift instead!

Happy Birthday Amin!

I'm now back from my long great holidays! Have not been updating this blog for quite some time. Anyway, these football themed cuppies were ordered by Cik Day for her 1st son's birthday. Cik Day is not a football fan, but her parents and other family members are! hehe...anyway, glad u like them... thanks for you order!