The cakes....

Selamat Pengantin baru Linie & Hubby

This design was chosen by my sis in law for the bride. She likes the lilies around the roses as they are different from the typical 'hantaran' cakes available. I've made the same one like this before except for the color is different and this time my lilies are perfect! Yellow is the theme for the 'hantaran', so, I made yellow roses and the original white lilies. The yellow color makes the cake look elegant! I brushed the flowers with gold color pearl dust to make them look more outstanding and shining. Hope the bride will like it. Thanks Leny (my sis in law) for the order!

Princess Cinderella for Aina!

A last minute order from Linda ... for Aina's 6th birthday celebration in the kindy. Luckily I was 'free' the night before. Kids love chocolate, so, I made chocolate moist cake decorated with a cinderella figurine and lots of flowers! Hope Aina liked it!

Long live Kak Su & Hubby

This cake is for many ocassions, and 1 of it is the celebration of her Anniversary...not sure for how many years, but i think manyyy yearssss already... Anyway, congrats to you...may u have a happy life with your loved ones...

Pn Zainab's farewell

These cakes were requested for a farewell function for our ex-VP. I only had the time to nicely decorate 1 cake and left the other one, the carrot cake simply plain! and pictures taken!! They're for the tummy anyway! So friends, hope that you guys love them! Thanks for the support!

Happy Birthday Hakim!

Hakim requested for cupcakes from his mother to bring to his school. He doesn't want a cake because he said that he will only get a small portion from the teacher! hahaha...that will happen if you give them a small cake! Anyway, it's actually Hakim's birthday, but his brother Hazim doesn't want to feel left out! So, that's why there are 2 names on the cuppies. The kids fisnished them all...and sorry to Noor, for not having 1! Anyway, thanks and glad they like them.