The cakes....

Final Cake for the class!

For our last class, each & everyone of us is required to ice a cake and bring it to the class. We were given 2 pictures to pick from and finish decorating the cake as per the picture. Tough job!
So, I had to make many roses and trust me, the more you do it, the better it gets!

This is how the cake looks like in the end. I think it looks lovely! and woweee... I received my certificate!! I never had imagine that I'd be a cake baker 1 day!

cuppies for class

Our next task for the next class was to make 8 cupcakes, ice them and bring them to the class! So I did...and the only recipe I knew was my mom's vanilla cake! We were also told to bring the clown heads for the cuppies.

In the class we learnt how to make clowns & decorate the cupcakes and complete roses too. It was fun though! Especially the clown parts...I can't imagine how eaaaasy it was to make the clowns! Now I know! And the roses too!! Had to make few roses for the cupcakes. But I only used 1 for the cupcake! Anyway, here's how the cupcakes look like....

Clown on red cuppy was leaning backward!

My first decorated cake!

I've always loved baking and I have been baking for years actually....dulu masa zaman sekolah, buatlah cookies sendiri masa nak raya and I always helped my mom in the kitchen whenever she baked cakes...

Anyway, after my enrollment in the Wilton class, I manage to iced and decorate this cake! It's not perfect though, not too smooth, but I think it's a success for a first timer like me!

Mind the big handwriting! handwriting has always been lousy!! and yup..i'll be 31 in 2 days time!! huhuuu

Happy Besday Zamir!

This is the second cake I made for Zamir! Zamir is a die hard fan of red power ranger. I'm not sure which ranger that is!

After my first class, I can ice the cake smoothly...not that smooth, but oklaaa! But, it's kinda hard because I don't have a turntable! huhuu..turn pakai besi kat stove tu! hahaha...So, will get that one soon!! About the cake...I added the 'almond' flavor in the buttercream icing..thought that it's better to have some flavor in it. But, I was totally wrong!! That almond flavor has a pungent smell and taste that EVERYONE didn't like!, it was a BIG mistake! So, we only eat the cake part and leave the icing behind, but somehow Yana ate them all! hahaha...good for u girl!

Anyway, the kids had a great time...Zamir was fortunate to have his cousins Helmi & Pijah around. They back here for a short while with the whole family.

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