The cakes....

Chocolate Oreos!

This is the firt time I made these...and alhamdulillah it turned out great! Cik day was the one who suggested oreo cupcakes! tenkiu Day... u'll have these tomorrow!! hehehe...

I got the recipe from the internet...just googled the name and a few came out! So, i decided to try this one..and it's really good! So, this will be my chocolate oreo cupcakes onwards! Yummehhh!

How to Order?

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Notices :

1. cupcakes with buttercream or chocolate topping : at least 7 DAYS notice
2. cakes : at least 2 WEEKS notice
3. cartoon character cakes : at least 3 WEEKS notice
4. wedding cupcakes (with royal icing) & tiered wedding cakes : at least 4 WEEKS notice

I will respond to your emails within 24 hours after receipt. Please note that your orders are based on first come first serve basis.
I do not accept last minute orders, unless if you just want plain cupcakes/cakes with no toppings or very simple decoration.
For this purpose, I require at least 3 days notice.

Prices for Cakes

Moist Chocolate Cake (1 recipe - 8", about 1.5kg)
Buttercream topping & filling : RM45.00
Chocolate Ganache topping & filling : RM50.00

Vanilla cake (1 recipe - 8")
No topping (sandwiched with Jem) : RM30.00
Buttercream topping & filling : RM45.00

Orange cake (1 recipe - 8")
No topping (sandwiched with Jem-marmalade) : RM30.00
Buttercream topping & filling : RM45.00

Blueberry Cake (1 recipe - 8")
Buttercream topping & filling :

Chocolate Oreo (1 recipe - 8")
Buttercream topping & filling : RM60.00

Carrot Walnut (1 recipe - 8")
No topping : RM30.00
Cream cheese topping : RM55.00

Cheese Cakes:
Marble cheese : RM60.00 (8")
Oreo cheese : RM50.00 (8")

Steamed Fruit Cake (8") : RM40.00 (1.2kg)

Fondant cakes:
mini cakes (2.5"-3" round/square) : RM20 -RM30 each
6" round/square : RM100-RM130
7" round/square : RM120-RM150
8" round/square : RM140-RM180
9" round/square : RM160 -RM200
10" round/square : RM200 -RM250
11" round/square : RM250-RM300
12" round/square : RM300-RM350
14" round/square : RM350-RM400
Flavor : Choc moist, fruit cake, choc oreo, vanilla or chocolate buttercake

**For cakes, I need minimum 1 week notice for your order. For FONDANT CAKES, I need minimum 2 months notice for your order.

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Note : Prices may change without prior notice.

Prices for Cupcakes

Medium (M) cupcakes (diameter of 4.0cm)/Large (L) cupcakes (diameter of 5.5cm)

Flavor : Vanilla
Topping : Buttercream
Price per piece : RM1.20 (M), RM2.20 (L)

Flavor : Chocolate moist
Topping : Chocolate ganache or Buttercream
Price per piece : Buttercream topping : RM1.20 (M), RM2.20 (L)
Chocolate Ganache : RM1.30 (M) , RM2.40 (L)

Flavor : carrot walnut
Topping : cream cheese
Price per piece : RM2.60 (L)-buttercream toppping,
RM3.00(L)-cream cheese topping,
RM1.50(M)-Buttercream topping,
RM1.80(M)-Cream cheese topping

Flavor : banana
Topping : cream cheese
Price per piece : RM2.40 (L)

Flavor : Chocolate Oreo
Topping : buttercream
Price per piece : RM1.40 (M), RM2.50 (L)

Flavor: Vanilla Blueberry Topping : buttercream Price per piece : RM1.40 (M), RM2.50 (L)

minimum order : 36 pcs (Medium) & 25 pcs (Large)
bulk orders for door gifts are also available (with individual boxes)

Fondant Cupcakes:

Flavor : Any

Size : L only

Price : RM4:00 - RM6:00

** For cupcakes, I need minimum 2 weeks notice for your order. For FONDANT CUPCAKES, I need minimum 4 weeks notice for your order

for more details, please visit my website :

*Please take note that prices may change without prior notice

Congrats Rosa!

I made these for my best friend's wedding! She wanted pastel colors and since her name is Rosa, I suggested roses for her! Since I've not learned how to make gum paste flowers yet, I made the roses using royal icing. I think they look gorgeous! Thanks Ros! it's a start for me...Hope that this marriage will last till the end...

Sweet Rosa

This lovely cupcake is iced with Buttercream icing and topped with a royal icing rose, suitable for wedding hantarans, door gifts or any special occasions. Choose your own flavor and icing color and we'll make them for you..

Choco Swirl

Mouth watering and simply delicious moist chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate ganache and colorful sprinkles!