The cakes....

How to Order?

I will only accept orders through emails.
Email us your orders with the following information:

Name :
Tel No :
Cupcake /cake:
Flavor :
Icing :
Theme :
Quantity :
Date requested :
Others :

Notices :

1. cupcakes with buttercream or chocolate topping : at least 7 DAYS notice
2. cakes : at least 2 WEEKS notice
3. cartoon character cakes : at least 3 WEEKS notice
4. wedding cupcakes (with royal icing) & tiered wedding cakes : at least 4 WEEKS notice

I will respond to your emails within 24 hours after receipt. Please note that your orders are based on first come first serve basis.
I do not accept last minute orders, unless if you just want plain cupcakes/cakes with no toppings or very simple decoration.
For this purpose, I require at least 3 days notice.