The cakes....

Marble Cheese cake

I made this cheesecake for Hari Raya and cut it into 2, 1 for my mom & 1 for my mom in law. This time, the cake turned out how it should be! I think! The marble effect menjadi & just 1 tiny line of crack! But, overall...i'm extremely happy with the results! However, this cake was baked usin my mom's oven...not sure how it would turn out using mine...will try soon..

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Chelsea chelsea

A friend of mine came to me and asked if i can make a football themed cupcakes for her best friend! what? chelsea??!! I think that was a real challenge! I'm not a fan of football and never in my mind I would make such thing! Anyway, this friend of mine gave me the design and I just followed it! Took me few hours to finished it! The drawing of that 'lion' was not that difficult after all, buttttt...that was the best I could do! So, to this friend of mine...thanks so much for your order! Nanti order lagi eh... hehe..

Blue organza?

I decided to make some fruit cakes to give to my ex bosses and my new ones for Hari raya as a small token. So, to the 'smaller' bosses.. I made smaller fruit cakes and pack them in a paper bag. For the 'biggest' boss, well...I decided to give 1 whole cake! So, I packed the cake and put in in a plastic bag. But it looked so plain! So, I tied up the blue organza ribbon that I have and I think it looked nicer...what do u think? hehe

Luqman's cuppies

Kak Imah wanted ultraman for Luqman's cuppies! But, instead of only ultraman, I added the spidey's face and ben 10's omnitrix (it's every boy's favorite nowadays!!). The Spideys look ok i guess, but I need to improve on the ultraman's faces! they look like something else don't they?
Anyway, I hope Luqman will love his cupcakes!

Happy Besday Daris comel!

This cake was made for the cutest boy on earth! He's a fanatic fan of ultraman and 'hantu' choc cake , so that's why his mama ordered this cake for him although his mom loves cheesecake so much! hehehe..the besday boy wins laa... Enjoy the cake boyyy! Thanks Day... *muah*
p/s: look at the cake..mouth watering isn't it??

Happy 4th Besday Nadiah!

You're a big girl now! Happy birthday sweetie...

The reason why I commit myself into cake decoratings is because I can bake & decorate cakes for my own kids! No more cakes from the 'kedai'!

Nadiah turned 4 this year and I was not sure of what cake to make for her as she doesn't really eat cake!! kesian kan..penat je mak dia buatkan....

Despite that, she requested for many cakes for her birthday...cinderella la..barbie laa..rumah laa...whenever she opens up my Wilton books and sees different cakes...suma dia nak!

Since her birthday falls during Ramadhan, I thought that I don't want to make fancy cakes for's Ramadhan, and no one eats during the day! But, I still wanna 2 tiered cake and I did made one! It was chocolate oreo iced with buttercream icing. Since i bought the cinderella toppers quite some time ago, I put 2 of them on the cake and made the castle from fondant. It was just a 2-D castle...I also made some flowers from fondant and put them all on the cake! Piped some green leaves on the cake and it became a garden themed cake!

She liked it very much...tak terkata!


I love cornflakes cookies, but not the cornflakes itself! Don't know why... anyway, this is my favorite cornflakes cookies and I've been making these for years! The taste is really good!! They're crunchy and tasty! I mix them with some almonds and that makes the crunchy taste. This year..they're for sale! and since it's Ramadhan and very close to Hari's a very good time to order! Try some now & U won't regret!

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