The cakes....

Spongebob & Patrick..

for Waqeef's 4th birthday! Mia (his mom) requested for 2 small cakes and 1 with spongebob picture on it. huh?? ok..and I did make one, except that it looked a bit funny!! hahaha..I was trying to figure out what..but I couldn't! When I showed the cakes to my sons this morning, my eldest said that the spongebob's eyes were small!!! and I was like...yaaaa...and I laughed out loud!! no wonder it looks funny! hahaha...drawing a yellow box on a small cake was not that easy though!

I was kind enough to draw the Patrick on the other cake. The patrick loooks ok for a first timer, though the color is a bit darker... but girl's first impression was "wahhhhh, cantiknyerrr" then she went on and said "dia takda kaki ohhh"!! Haha..obviously & thank you for that! Anyway..I hope your kids will like them! Now they have spongebob & patrick on the cakes! :)