The cakes....

Aida's wedding...Congrats!

I can finally breathe after I've completed this 3 tiered cake!! and I just can't take my eyes off the cakes! (heh..perasan lagi!!) When Aida first showed me the photo of the cake she wanted, I just said yesss! I took up the challenge to make this 3 tiered fondant cake with lots of roses and her 'hantaran' cake with tiger lilies! I think they're about 35 roses..different sizes on the cake! and they were all hand made and I can say that I can now receive orders for gumpaste roses! :)

These cakes were transported to Kota Tinggi Johor...and they safely arrived there. These photos were taken after I assembled them at home...they were put in different boxes for transportation of course!

So, thanks very much to Aida for your orders! I'm really glad u like them! Hope to receive more orders from u again next time...Congrats to u & hubby too...may your marriage lasts forever...


chomeldvery | April 5, 2009 at 5:29 PM

lawanya kek 3 tingkat ni..teringin nk buat, tapi mana ada permintan kt sini...huhuhuuhuh...tahniah diatas kek yg serba lawa dan penuh dgn bunga ni...kek tu perasa apa yek?

Luscious Cakes | April 5, 2009 at 5:34 PM

thanks! Kat sanakan ramai mat2 saleh yg suka kek2 kahwin yg grand2camni? takpe, lama2 nanti adala..kena promote jer...oh the cakes were choc moist (1st tier), choc oreo(2nd tier) & vanilla blueberry(1st tier)