The cakes....

Happy Besday Yaysshe!

I think my Barney cake is starting to get famous! :) This was an order by Usha. Her friend recommended my cakes and that's the Barney cake that she ordered. Usha wanted a different cake initially but I really can't make it within a very short period. Really sorry for that.
This is actually a 2tiered chocolate moist Barney cake! The bottom tier is a big oval size cake and it's the biggest cake I've ever iced! I also piped the surface with the star tip. This cake looks like Barney in a frame from the top! The yellow color for the background was a right choice I think! I tried to make is as colorful as possible and I think I did.
This cake was heavier than I thought! I think this Barney cake is so gorgeous! Really can't take my eyes off the Barney! Anyway, thanks for your order! Do come back anytime....

sms from Usha : "The cake was very nice! Everyone complimented! tq so much"

Well, thank u for your order! Really glad that everyone liked it!