The cakes....

Congrats Fid!

Fid ordered 2 sets of hantaran cupcakes, and 1 set of medium size cupcakes for makan2 before her kenduri. Obviously, she got to choose both designs for the hantaran! hehehe...pandai...

The gold theme is from the groom and the blue theme is from the bride. Fid gave me the designs and I just followed them.

But, the lilies are a bit unique...something different from roses! Her hantaran flowers are lilies, so she asked me if i can make lilies for the upcakes too. I said why not!

The lilies are made from royal white, and brushed with the blue color pearl dust. I like the lilies more! I think they look more elegant! But it took more patience and hard work! The roses are in yellow actually, but I colored them gold using the pearl dust too!
Fid, glad to know that u liked them and they have safely arrived at your hometown! Please email me the final pictures of the cupcakes in their pretty boxes ya!

All the best..Selamat Pengantin Baru and many thanks for your orders!