The cakes....

Pretty BARBIE 4 Alya Mysarah

This is the first time I made this Barbie 2D cake. My sis in law asked if I can make the Barbie doll cake for Alya and I said that I could try! Buttt....I'd rather not! Wait till I go to the barbie doll cake making class first!

Anyway, I remembered that I have this 2D Barbie pan that I bought last year and still haven't used it yet. So, I offered that Barbie instead..and she said ok! So,!

So this is how it looks like! It was kind of difficult to ice the cake smoothly at the top and at the sides, so I decided to pipe the top with star tip and the sides with the basketwave tip! I think it looks much better! Tapi, sungguh lenguh tanganku!

Alya just loves those colorful hearts deco sugar, so I put them a lot on the cake! She loves my buttercream icing too!! She has not seen this yet as of now...can't wait for tomorrow for the guests's comments on the cake!

p/s: If anyone is interested, you may order, but the barbie face is not sold together. I will only lend you the face and you need to return it back to me after your fu'nction.


Miss Moon | February 2, 2009 at 11:23 AM

thanks for the birthday wish n thanks for the cake yg di tapau ...Isk love it so much ...dia habih kan kek tew sorang ...mummy nyer sempat rasa sket je ...siap pesan kat moon suh beli lagi kek cam tew .

Kak Ngah kek nyer sangat cantek . kaler nyer pun berseri . Hasil kije yg sangat halus n kemas

Lenny | February 4, 2009 at 10:05 PM

kak ngah...

thanks so much 4 the lovely cake...

sayang nak potong.. tapi bila dah potong.. sedap... sampai rasa tak cukup... ahahaha.. serious sedap... mak pon suh tinggalkan utk dier... dier tak makan lg...

i dapat merasa sepotong jeee... yummy tul!!!

thanks again... for the cake.. and also for your help during the kenduri... ayam masak kicap besttt!!!

Luscious Cakes | February 4, 2009 at 10:25 PM

Miss Moon,

tenkiu....lain kali jgn jual kasik amik jer..hehehe...nanti bleh order utk besday anak2 awak pulak yer...

Sis Lenny,
Anytime! time kek2 banyak mmg tak termakan...bila tinggal sikit tu je la baru nak melantak! hehehe...
pasni I bukak catering pulak ek?? hehehe