The cakes....

Hey Spidey!

I've never organised any birthday parties for my kids yet! how pathetic huh? and pity them...all these years, we just celebrate birthdays amongst members only. So, this year, I've decided to have 1 for my eldest that i know how to decorate cakes..i said why not!

The kids like cartoon cakes so much...but i think making them needs a lot of patience and enthusiasm! I have few Wilton yearbooks and they have many2 examples of cartoon character, I chose 1 theme...the spidey and I showed it to Zafrie..and he said ok!

ok...the preparation took about few days! I had to make the buildings in advance. I used the color flow (frm Wilton) as instructed. The first time I made didn't harden! OMG! and I only have 2 days before the party! I was frustrated! and I had to re-do everything again! Probably the mixture was too runny that it would take longer days to dried up and harden completely. I prayed for the 2nd one to work and luckily it did!

It took me few hours to decorate the cake and I slept at 5am to finished it! That was only few hours before the party! So, take a look at the cake...I can say that I'm proud of myself to make such a stunning good looking cake! Everyone was impressed! hehehe...okla for a first timer!

This cake is for sale too...(but the candle & spidey toppers are not included)