The cakes....

Happy 8th Birthday Zafrie!

I've never been soo excited! I've decided to host a birthday party for my son this year! He's never had 1 anyway. Ni kira kasik chance laa..

All these years, I just bought a cake for him for his birthdays. But this time, I made 1 for him! I'm proud of my self too! hehehe

I knew he likes spiderman so much! So I made a theme for his party..the Spiderman! With so much effort, I baked and decorated the spiderman cake just for him! Suma ikut buku....the Wilton year book! It was tedious...first the buildings, then the cake baking, then the cake assembling, then the icing...dahla budak baru lepas belajar! haha... Had to do the buildings twice! The first time I did it, something went wrong and it didn't hardened! I was panicked! It was like 3 days before the event! After the second time, then only it turned out right! I even slept at 5am in the morning before the party!

The kids enjoyed the party sooo much! I can see it in their faces! The cake has also finished! I'm really exhausted...time to relax..